About Photagio

At Photagio, we believe that moments and the people
that are part of them should be celebrated with the
finest quality photo gifts. Our goal is to provide you
with an ever expanding collection of designs and gifts!

So don't just frame your photo - celebrate it with a
unique design from Photagio - personalized just for you!

Hi, I'm Nicole Gallant, the founder and creative director of Photagio.
 I used to enjoy making my favorite people hand made gifts. I loved
giving folks a present that was personalized just for them!  I've also
been frustrated with looking for frames for my special photos. The
frames were always too dull, and I couldn't personalize them just for
me or my family. Hey, I thought, this is digital, shouldn't there be a
more elegant way to present our photos? And Photagio was born.

Our customers love our designs and we hope you do too.  At
Photagio we are always looking for input and suggestions from our
customers, so be sure to drop us a line. Can't find just what you're
looking for? Contact us and one of our designers can build a unique design customized just for you.

How Photagio Came About

Meet the Founder

Hi!  I'm Nicole Gallant, the founder and Creative Director of
Photagio. Thanks for visiting our website!  Formerly in High Tech, I
use to travel the world to meet customers and colleagues, designed
and coded many user interfaces, and led software design teams.  

Now I work to bring you the finest designs for your most precious
photos, fully personalized to commemorate your special moments. I
live in Arlington, MA with my husband and our one and a half(!) children. My family has inspired many of our designs and we hope that these designs inspire you!  Let us help you celebrate your special moments. Start shopping or contact us for a fully customized design.